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Antalya Buggy Safari

Explore Antalya's Taurus Mountains with buggy safari tours, offering adrenaline and excitement through challenging trails in Köprülü Canyon.

Tour Schedule
  • 09:00: Morning Group

  • 13:30: Afternoon Group

  • 16:00: Sunset Group

Included Features
Hotel pick-up and drop-off
Approximately 2 hours, 20 kilometers drive
Excluded Features
Photos, DVD



The most beautiful way to discover the magnificent breathtaking nature of the Taurus Mountains in Antalya is the buggy safari tour event.  If you want to join the buggy safari tour in Antalya, you can join one of the tours organized every day of the week and meet with adventure lovers. This tour will allow you to look at adrenaline and excitement from a different window. By participating in this tour with its vast and challenging trails in the Köprülü canyon region of Antalya, you will reveal your spirit of adventure. It is a pleasant event where you will experience great excitement and great enthusiasm with this all-terrain vehicle away from the city, in nature, on off-road roads. Experience an unusual activity on the off-road roads in this adventure and fun tour! Experience a wonderful buggy safari feast on rural roads!


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