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cookieis a service of storing your access preferences, IP address and session information in small files on the browser in order to provide you with a better internet service when you use the website from your computer or mobile device.


Cookie Types;

Cookie types can be categorized according to their duration or the domain name they belong to.

In terms of duration,

a)Session cookies: Session cookies are used in each session when the Website or other applications or environments of the Company are visited and are automatically deleted when you leave the Site or application. The purpose of such cookies is to ensure the continuity and security of the visit.


b)Persistent cookies:Persistent cookies are saved on the computer or other device used by the user during access for a predetermined fixed period of time and are not automatically deleted when the session or application is closed. Persistent cookies are used when we need to remember who you are across multiple sessions. The purpose of such cookies is to increase site functionality by providing a faster and better service to visitors.


In terms of area,


  1. Performance Cookies; These are cookies that collect information about the frequency of page visits, possible error messages, the total time spent by users on the relevant page, as well as site usage patterns, and are used to increase the performance of the website.


  1. Functional Cookies; These are cookies that aim at user convenience and remind users of previously made options.


  1. Advertising and Third Party Cookies; These are cookies placed by third party suppliers/service providers other than the website operator, allowing the use of some functions on the website and tracking of advertisements.


Purposes of Use of Cookies;


  1. Uses for security purposes: Data responsibility is the use of cookies to enable the use of website functions or to detect irregular behavior in order to ensure the management and security of website operations and systems.


b. Functional uses: It is the use of cookies that reminds users of their information and past choices by providing ease of use in order to carry out activities aimed at customer satisfaction.


  1. Performance-oriented uses: The data controller may use cookies that evaluate and analyze interaction with sent messages and user behavior in order to carry out business activities, increase and control performance, and conduct marketing/analysis studies.


  1. Advertising uses: It may use cookies that analyze the effectiveness or number of clicks of these advertisements in order to deliver advertisements and similar content within the scope of users' interests through its own or third-party systems.

 Controlling and Deleting Cookies


Changing your preferences regarding the use of cookies will be possible by changing your browser settings to block or delete cookies. To control cookies, your browser will give you options to accept or reject cookies, or to only accept certain types of cookies. In addition, you can choose to be warned by the browser when any website requests cookies to be stored on your device from which you have logged in. Additionally, it is possible to delete cookies previously saved in your browser before setting or changing your preferences. Procedures for checking or deleting cookies may vary depending on the browser you use.

The method for changing cookie usage selection varies depending on the browser type and can be learned from the relevant service provider at any time. ThusDaily Tours In Turkey We offer you the opportunity to access the instructions for allowing, blocking or deleting cookies for your preferred browsers from the links below.


Google Chromehttp://www.google.com/support/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=95647
Internet Explorerhttps://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies
Microsoft Edgehttps://support.microsoft.com/tr-tr/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies





Authorized Service Providers


Daily Tours In Turkey We may receive assistance from some service providers authorized by us regarding the operation and promotion of our Website, platforms, applications and services. These service providers authorized by our company may also place cookies and similar technologies (third party cookies) on users' computers and other devices and collect information such as IP address, unique identifier and device identifier to identify the user device.


Daily Tours In Turkey Cookies Used by


Operational, functional and performance cookies used by __________:


Ø It does not harm your computer and does not contain viruses.

Ø It is mandatory for the website interface and features to be used as desired.

Ø It helps us understand how the website is used by visitors, helps us gather statistical data and develop content in line with this data.

Ø It allows you to speed up your activities during future visits.

Ø Under no circumstances do we collect, store or process data by which we can identify you, and it does not constitute personal data.


Targeting and advertising cookies are used in order to personalize advertisements and analyze site traffic, within the scope of our legitimate interests and with the necessary legal commitments, provided that they do not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms. In the table belowDaily Tours In Turkey You can find information about the cookies used by and the purpose of the cookie.






Third Party Sites, Products and Services


Our websites, platforms or applications may contain various links to third-party websites, products and services. These links are subject to the cookie and privacy policies of third parties, and you should be aware that third parties and third party sites are independent of ___________ and ____________ are not responsible for the cookie and privacy practices of third parties. If you visit the linked websites, we recommend that you read the cookie and privacy policies of these sites.

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