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Fethiye Rafting Tour

Fethiye rafting tour offers thrilling experiences in Turkey's unique geographical conditions, perfect for adrenaline seekers and vacationers, with programs tailor-made for every experience level.

Tour Schedule
  • : An indispensable activity for extreme sports enthusiasts

  • : We will continue our tour with a beautiful breakfast in the early hours of the morning

  • : While struggling in the turbulent waters of the Dalaman River, you will build up an appetite, and we will satisfy that feeling with our delicious lunch

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According to research, considering the geographical conditions of Turkey due to its geological structure, our country stands out today as one of the countries that provide the most special opportunities in the world for rafting. Fethiye rafting tour, which is the first choice of adrenaline and action lovers Decrees, is in the first place among the holiday plans with its activity.



With the sense of excitement felt by our participants, you can enjoy an adventurous rafting experience individually or together as a group with your loved ones in an amazing experience where screams echo as they rise in the valley. We offer you the opportunity to have a great time within the framework of the plan and program we have specially determined to our valued customers, who do not need to have any experience. If you are planning to holiday in Fethiye region, we highly recommend you to join the Fethiye rafting tour. While Dalaman Tea offers you a wonderful event with its white sparkling waters flowing around the many giant rocks that are the unique beauty of the region, the magnificent view and feeling located in the pine forests, we ensure that you do not end your Fethiye holiday without doing this activity that will not be forgotten, full of excitement.

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