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Istanbul Horse Safari

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If you are stuck in a busy work pace and want to have a little getaway, it is quite possible to do this without leaving Istanbul. If you want to get away from stress and boredom for a while and spend some nice time with our cute, smart friends, we invite you to our Istanbul Horse Safari tour program.


Istanbul Horse Safari tour offers its participants to do a beautiful activity and spend time intertwined with nature without going far. Usually everyone has a special interest in riding a horse, riding experience, or if they have tasted this feeling when they were little, they want to experience it again. It is possible to experience our horse safari tour, which will offer you an unforgettable experience apart from monotonous activities such as stripping yourself out of the chaos of Istanbul and visiting shopping malls, at many points in Istanbul. Our horse safari tours, which we have organized in the forests of Istanbul, which we call lungs, are among the activities that you should definitely experience with your loved ones Decently.


All the training necessary for you before our tours will be given to you by our professional instructors. However, our tours offer you a very nice activity that you can also do as a family. in our tour, which is suitable for all age groups from 7 to 77, the bond that our guests, especially in younger age groups, have established with our trained horses affects their development in a very beneficial way. We would be glad to welcome you in this program, where you can participate both with your friend groups, as a couple, and with your family.





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