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Alanya Buggy Tour

Experience thrilling adventures with Alanya Buggy Tour, no experience or license required. Explore muddy off-road trails in nature. Details in article.

Tour Schedule
  • 09:00: Morning group:

    Pick-up time:09:00 Return time:13:00

  • 14:00: Lunch group :

    Pick-up time:14:00 Return time 18:00

  • örn. : 09:00: Evening group :

    Pick-up time:16:00 Return time 20:00

Included Features
Pick up and drop off from the places where you stay in Alanya
20km, about 2 hour drive
Tour guide,Instructors
Excluded Features



Are you ready for a pleasant adventure with our Buggy off-road vehicles, which are as enjoyable to drive as they are interesting in the unique nature of Alanya? If your answer is ‘Yes’, we are waiting for our Alanya Buggy tour to make you dust off our plenty of muddy Off-Road trails away from asphalt in the nature of Alanya that amazes everyone who sees it.


Moreover, you do not need any experience or driver's license for the Alanya Buggy Tour, which is a very enjoyable tour. Our Buggy vehicles designed in the form of automatic gears, which are very easy to use, will offer you an adventure that you will not forget. You can use our Buggy vehicles with a capacity of 2 people alone, or you can share the other 1 seat next to you with your loved ones.


If you are tired of the classic holiday concept and are looking for new adventures and experiences, this tour is for you.


Before going into details about the tour program in the form of headlines, if we need to pass a brief summary in order to get an idea in your mind, You dear guests are offered to have fun by getting dirty on exciting and fun trails in the unique nature of Alanya with Buggy all-terrain vehicles with a different design. The Alanya Buggy Tour, which is quite enjoyable and full of adrenaline, is highly appreciated by all our guests.


You can find all the details you are curious about the tour in the continuation of our article. We wish you pleasant readings!




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