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Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip

Marmaris offers an unforgettable experience of coastal exploration by offering a variety of boat trips including island visits, swimming, snorkeling, lunch, entertainment, sightseeing and wildlife watching.

Tour Schedule
  • : Visiting the Healing Original Mud and Spa in the Center of Dalyan

  • : A 2-hour Cruise at Sea on a Large, Spacious Boat

  • : You can see loggerhead sea turtles at Iztuzu Beach

  • : 2 hours of free time at Iztuzu Beach

  • : Swimming break at Aquarium Bay

Included Features
All Entrance Fees for Historical Sites
Turkish Guiding Service
Free Hotel Transfer
"Lunch (Chicken Pasta Salad)
Tour Insurance
Excluded Features
Photo and Video Shooting
Personal Expenses
All Beverages

Island Hopping: Marmaris offers several boat tours that take you to nearby islands such as Cleopatra Island (Sedir Island), Paradise Island (Nimara Island), and the Greek island of Rhodes. Each island has its own unique charm, whether it's Cleopatra's famous beach with golden sands or the historical sites on Rhodes.


Swimming and Snorkeling: Boat tours typically include stops at secluded coves and bays where you can swim in the refreshing turquoise waters. Many tours also provide snorkeling equipment, allowing you to explore the underwater world and observe the marine life.


Lunch and Refreshments: Most boat tours offer lunch as part of the package. You can enjoy a delicious meal on board, often including fresh seafood, grilled meats, and traditional Turkish dishes. Drinks are usually available for purchase.


Sunbathing and Relaxation: The boats usually have sunbathing decks and comfortable seating areas where you can relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the breathtaking views along the coastline.


Entertainment: Some boat tours offer entertainment options such as live music, belly dancing, and foam parties, creating a lively and fun atmosphere on board.


Sightseeing: Along the way, you can admire the stunning landscapes, rock formations, and lush green hillsides that characterize the Marmaris region.


Dolphin and Turtle Watching: If you're lucky, you might spot dolphins or sea turtles during your boat trip, as these creatures are often seen in the waters around Marmaris.


Shopping: Some boat tours make stops at local markets or towns where you can shop for souvenirs or explore the local culture.


Before booking a boat trip tour in Marmaris, consider the type of experience you want and the duration of the tour. There are various options available, from half-day trips to full-day excursions and even multi-day cruises. Additionally, check the itinerary, inclusions, and prices of different tours to find the one that suits your preferences.


When planning your boat trip in Marmaris, it's essential to book with a reputable tour operator to ensure your safety and enjoyment. You can typically find tour operators offering these boat trips in the Marmaris harbor area or through your hotel concierge. Enjoy your time exploring the beautiful coastline and islands of Marmaris!

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