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Alanya Diving Tour

Explore the underwater paradise of Alanya with ease on the Diving Tour. No experience needed, professional instructors provided. Details in article.

Tour Schedule
  • : Pick up from your place of stay in Alanya

  • : Transfer to our diving boat at Alanya pier

  • : Moving to the diving points around the sea caves on the underside of Alanya castle with our diving boat

  • : Information by diving instructors about diving, how equipment is used, boat routine and safety procedures

  • : The first dive with a diving instructor.

  • : Lunch on the boat

  • : Relaxing,sunbathing and snorkeling.

  • : The Second Dive

  • : Our boat will return to Alanya pier and be dropped back to your accommodation in Alanya.

Included Features
Pick up and drop off from your place of stay in Alanya
Diving equipment (our guests who want can also bring their own equipment)
Guide,Expert instructor
Excluded Features
Underwater photos and videos



There is a part of the world we live on that perhaps most people will not have the opportunity to see during their lifetime. Whether they have traveled to every part of the world or not, some people cannot see the area of the world that hides itself from the outside, almost like a hidden paradise. But all they have to do is look deep. For this, a few equipment and professional support are also required. As you can understand from our title, the hidden paradise of the world we are talking about is the underwater world. Can you imagine how those of us who admire even when we look at the sea can feel when we discover the underwater?


It is hardly possible to describe the experience that can be experienced if this discovery is made especially at a point like Alanya, which has a beautiful sea that is epic in languages. The colorful schools of fish floating harmoniously in the immaculate clear waters have a beauty that amazes everyone who sees underwater life with unique sea creatures.


In order for you to experience all these experiences and to be one of the lucky people who can explore the underwater world, we are pleased to introduce you to Alanya Diving Tour. Whether you have no experience or you want to dive professionally, you can join our tour with ease of sight. Our guests who do not have any experience can have an unforgettable experience after receiving the necessary training together with our professional and expert licensed instructors, and our experienced guests can enjoy exploring the unique waters of Alanya together with our professional diving instructors. In short, we can bring together all our guests who do not have any health problems to dive with a diving experience. Our guests who cannot dive can also join our tour.





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